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Cookie Policy

This policy has been prepared to inform users who visit the https// website about our cookie usage principles.


They are small-sized data files that websites save on your devices and are used to identify users. Cookies are used by websites to identify users and provide them with special services.


The Meetgate website uses cookies to provide users with the best experience.

What Types of Cookies Do We Use?

  • Cookies necessary for the website to function (Session Cookies)
  • Cookies that allow us to improve user experience (Functional Cookies)
  • Performance cookies (Performance and Statistics Cookies) used to understand and analyze how and how often the content on our website is used by users and to improve the content offered.
  • Social media focused cookies (Third Party Cookies)
Cookie ProviderCookie NameCookie TargetThe Time Cookies Are Kept in the BrowserCookie Type
meetgate.ai_cookie_meetgate_ai_%2F_wlfIt is a cookie used to distinguish visitors among other applications of our institution.Current SessionSession Cookie
meetgate.ai4141sd34It is a cookie used to keep the language setting that the user has chosen to use the site.Current SessionPerformance and Statistics Cookie, Third Party Cookies
Google Analytics_gaIt is a cookie used to distinguish users in order to create statistical data about how visitors use the site.2 YearsPerformans ve İstatistik Çerezi, Üçüncü Taraf Çerezleri
Google Analytics_gidIt is a cookie used to distinguish users.24 HoursPerformance and Statistics Cookie, Third Party Cookies
Twitterct0It helps display tweets on the website, track referral links, identify Twitter users, and collect data about the Twitter platform.30 DaysThird Party Cookies
Twittereu_cnIt is the cookie that remembers which pages were viewed.1 YearThird Party Cookies
Twitterguest_idIt is a cookie used to identify the visitor.2 YearsThird Party Cookies
Twitterpersonalization_idIt is a cookie that provides information about how the visitor uses the website and about advertisements he or she may have seen before visiting the website.2 YearsThird Party Cookies


If you do not want cookies to be kept on the device from which you access our website, you can prevent, limit and delete the use of cookies through your browser settings. It is also possible to change these preferences later.

If you access our website from different devices, you can adjust the cookie usage settings on each device and browser you access, in accordance with your preferences, through the links below.

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